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Our mission is to explore and forecast the recent trends in urban development, environment and ecology. EnWirenment creates efficient, up-to-date projects in the field of environmental design and urban development through researches, that are based on detailed information on urban development from the University of California, Berkeley. Program is founded for the exchange of knowledge and expertise to unite research institutes, space agencies and data providers on the ecology, architecture and city development.
Research center
Explore the trends and new approaches in the environmental design field. Use big data analysis to create projects that improve the quality of life. Сlose cooperation and exchange of knowledge among research centers. Identification of trends, driving forces and gaps in the environment and urban development. Conduct market research for the relevant models creation.
A platform brings together scientific centers, scientists, scholars and policy makers to share data and knowledge in the field of environmental design. Collaborate with scientists to cocreate solutions for sustainable development of cities, regions and the State. Establishing a network of expertise among the research platforms. Involving students and professional communities in the research process. Establishment of research laboratories system in universities.
Promotion and facilitation of access to scientific resources and technologies for the city and environmental design. Awareness-raising to apply new tech solutions in the business environment. Assistance for the implementation of ecological, urban and environmental projects collaboration among best experts of different cities and countries.
Introduction of cientific and technological innovation to improve the state and business climate. Involvement of professional resources in the field of environmental design. Application of scientific knowledge and technology for the environmental, urban and social development. Providing reliable data to create transparent and democratic systems.
Technology and business development
Sustainable development
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Research laboratories
Since 2018 based on Ukrainian universities work research laboratories for studying Urban Development and changing the environmental trends. An expert assessment, access to the materials and technical opportunities are provided by research team at the University of California, Berkeley. In addition, Ukrainian researchers have access to data from space agencies, and expert support from other partner universities. The opening of laboratories is organized by the EnWirenment Research Center, which works in Ukraine to explore and forecast the recent trends in urban development and ecology.
Let's work together
Research in the fields of ecology, urban planning and architecture
Control and monitoring of ecology and city development process based on big data and international expertise
Safe environment
Platform that unites best experts to create a healthy and safe environment. Exchange of scientific and technological materials, information and technical capabilities
International cooperation
Development and implementation of projects in the field of ecology, environmental technology and urban development
Project implementation
Involving new data providers to create a clear and transparent systems
Providing data
Strategic partner
City One Development

Is a development company that has been more than 10 years on the market and provides a full range of services. The company is based on the following principles:

Creating an urban environment. We integrate the development of territories and effectively integrate them into an urban environment.

Architecture dignity. We create affable and friendly spaces where all people feel comfortable. For each of our projects, we develop a unique design concept that turn residential blocks and commercial real estates into architectural attractions.

Center of attraction. We create an environment that attracts people, businesses, and set quality standards of the market.

Management of innovations. We ensure sustainable development of the environment and facilities that we build by introducing innovations at all stages: from the initial stage of design to servicing of projects which are already put into operation.
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