Research laboratories
Since 2018 based on Ukrainian universities work research laboratories for studying Urban Development and changing the environmental trends. An expert assessment, access to the materials and technical opportunities are provided by research team at the University of California, Berkeley. In addition, Ukrainian researchers have access to data from space agencies, and expert support from other partner universities. The opening of laboratories is organized by the EnWirenment Research Center, which works in Ukraine to explore and forecast the recent trends in urban development and ecology.

Local data on the development of cities and ecological dynamics is provided by the Ministry of Ecology and Natural Resources of Ukraine, under the international cooperation programme and data analysis development. The initiative was supported by leading Ukrainian universities. Scientists and students ot Taras Shevchenko National University of Kyiv and Kyiv National University of Construction and Architecture have already started the analysis of statistical data since 2000.

As a part of the study, students and researchers have access to articles in the field of ecology, urban planning, architecture and space research. Moreover, they have an opportunity to work with world-renowned experts working in these areas.

The experts from international universities are also involved in the development of project proposals in the area of global environment and sustainable development.

The main focus of the laboratories is tto provide clear and reliable data on urban development to develop modern projects in the field of city development and ecology.

Research projects

• Dynamics of cities growth in recent decades

• Temperature changes in cities

• The relationship between development and materials, green zones and climate change

• Sustainable city development

• Environmental technology

All the results form the basis for the research at the University of California. Project has great potential for projects based on the open and transparent data systems, for new technologies involving and attracting the best specialists in the field of urban development.

The campaign is ongoing and involving other Universities.